Safety on the Internet

What should students do to be safe when using email and the Internet? 




There are a number of things students should do when using email and the Internet:

  1. Keep personal information limited 

  2. Keep privacy setting on 

  3. Practice safe browsing  

  4. Make sure internet connection is secure 

  5. Be careful what you download 

  6. Choose strong passwords 

  7. Be careful what you post  

  8. Be careful who to talk to online 

  9. Do not give out passwords or usernames   



*Below, these videos will teach you about safety on the Internet.

      Being Safe on the Internet                                                  Internet Safety for Kids K-3                                      Safe Web Surfing



  1. Resource 1: Connect Safely 

  1. Resource 2: Netsmartz 

  1. Resource 3: Digital Safety Resources